Välimatkoja – Finnish Travel Blog

Välimatkoja, meaning both Distances and Trips in between in Finnish, is a travel blog founded in September 2019.

In the blog I want to focus on travelling overland and promoting more responsible tourism. I am a marketing professional and entrepreneur with a bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management. In Autumn 2020, I started studying a master’s degree programme in Tourism, Culture and International Management. Currently I live in Southern Finland.

I love studying languages and different cultures: In addition to Finnish and fluent English, I also speak some Spanish, Swedish and German. Spain and Latin America have a special place in my heart.

I am happy to work with organizations that fit the values ​​and themes of the site. In the Välimatkoja blog, it is possible to do, for example, the following types of collaboration:

  • Blogger and press trips
  • Sponsored articles
  • Travel service and experience tests
  • Affiliate advertising
  • Competitions and raffles
  • Sponsored videos
  • Newsletter ad (Subscribe to newsletter)
  • Pro bono collaboration (non-profit organizations)

I provide professional-quality collaborative articles in Finnish with a personal style. Sponsored posts are search engine optimized and include photos and social media posts on Välimatkoja channels. If necessary, the texts can be updated later if the relevant information changes.

I invoice all blog-related work through my company Tekstitalo. I also offer communication and marketing services to companies in the tourism industry – ask for more information!

Sanna Ruoho

Before travelling around the world, you can plan shorter distances.”